• Strengthens and Tones ABS, Shoulders, Arms and Back with dual ab wheel.
  • 6 MM Premium Knee Mat, Protect your knees during work out & light stainless steel rod Which can bear up to 100 kg weight easily.
  • The knee pad supports the knees during a workout, portable and compact in shape, size
  • Easy-Grip Wheels and two Non-Skid wheels for added Stability. The dual wheel offers more stability, control and balance
  • Quick Installation in no time, just stick 2 rollers together and apply closure on both ends on the rod.


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Best Ab roller wheel for Abs workout

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  1. Slide one of the foam handle on the metal rod
  2. Slide both pro365 wheels onto a metal rod
  3. Slide second another foam handle on the metal rod
  4. Lock and push inwards tightly
  5. Your Ab Wheel roller is ready to use